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What fabric is used to create your garments?
WILDTHING CLOTHING uses recycled materials where possible. This includes recycled plastic PET bottles to create a polyester type fabric and recycled fishing nets to create a NYLON type fabric.

How do you create the fabric from recycled plastic PET bottles?
Used plastic PET bottles that would have otherwise ended up in landfill are collected, cleaned and sorted into colour. From there, the plastic is chopped into small chips, to then be melted and squeezed into a yarn. This yarn is then spun and woven into bolts of fabric, create a more sustainable option for our clothing. 

How do you create fabric from recycled fishing nets?
Creating fabric from discarded old fishing nets, is similar to that of recycling plastic bottles into fabric. Once the fishing nets have been collected they undergo an intensive cleaning process. From there the nets are shredded into chips and melted to create a thread, then woven into a fabric. Ensuring that the environmental impact of fishing waste is reduced while providing a second life for these materials in the world of fashion and textiles.

Where are your clothes made? 
We work with a range of factories in Asia that specialise in recycled materials, all of whom adhere to the rigorous standards set by Global Recycled Standard 4.0, which you can read all about here.